Renting a sailing ship: what does it cost?

Your influence on the price

Probably you are already enthusiastic about the idea of renting a historic sailing ship. Now the big question: what does it cost?  We have worked out some calculation examples for you. You have your own influence on the price. The choice of ship, the number of guests on board, the season in which you sail, how long you go: it all makes a difference. You can also spend more or less on food and drinks. 

You always get:

  • Free, personal and tailor-made advice
  • A great ship, with a hospitable crew
  • A unique sailing adventure

The prices of the ships are fixed. You always rent with the lowest price guarantee. What is your budget? 

Example 1: family weekend (24 persons)

The wishes

The Smith family organizes a family weekend. They are with 16 adults and 8 children. Some privacy is important and therefore they would like cabins with their own sanitary facilities. Given the composition of the group, they need at least 7 cabins. Two aunts like to cook and bring their own groceries. The date does not really matter, as long as they are together in nature. 

The trip and the price

  • We advise the ship Sybaris. It's nice and spacious, and each cabin has its own sanitary facilities. Skipper Richard has a green heart and is fun with children.
  • In high season this ship costs € 3,150 for a whole weekend. In mid-season the price is € 2,835. 10% advantage: € 315. The family chooses the latter and books in the first week of October. 
  • The aunts shop for quality groceries: € 600.  

The price per person for a fully catered family weekend: € 143

Example 2: bachelor weekend (14 persons)

The wishes

Eric calls on behalf of the group of 12 friends. What's the price for a bachelor weekend in June? They don't want the trip to be too expensive. It's okay if the ship is basic. Any port of departure is fine and they will shop for their own groceries. 

The sailing trip and the price

  • We advise the ship Antonius. We know that skipper Carool finds this kind of voyages fun.
  • The price for a weekend in high season is € 1.770. They have simple meals with bread and toppings in mind, and a BBQ on Saturday evening. We estimate € 25 per person for the groceries. This amount does not include alcoholic beverages :). 

The price per person for a unique bachelor weekend: € 151.

And the alcoholic drinks of course, on board or in the pub.

Example 3: teambuilding weekend (20 persons)

The wishes

Executive secretary Amy arranges a team building weekend in September. New colleagues have joined. It is nice to get to know each other outside the office, preferably in a special way. It has to be completely taken care of. Amy wants to have as little work as possible. The team consists of 20 people. They want privacy, so the ship must have a lot of cabins. The port of departure: a central place in the Netherlands.

The sailing trip and the price

  • We advise the ship Vrijheid. This ship has 9 cabins, many sanitary facilities and even a Finnish sauna. Skipper Ruud is all-round, and is a great story teller. 
  • In this case, all-inclusive is the best option. This means: a stay of two nights, complete bedding, towels, final cleaning, all meals, snacks and even alcoholic drinks. 

The price per person for this spectacular teambuilding weekend: € 285.

This amount includes VAT. 

Example 4: company outing, afternoon (15 persons)

The wishes

Jack owns a small business. He would like to take his employees away for an afternoon. Partners and children are also invited. He is thinking of a weekday, somewhere in the beginning of September. Not too far north, and an excellent lunch to kick off the trip. 

The sailing trip and the price

  • We advise the ship De Lis, on which the group can embark in Muiden. 
  • The price for a weekday afternoon trip in high season is € 750. Jack checks the catering list we sent him and chooses a luxury lunch. Furthermore he orders snacks. For the drinks we make an estimate. Afterwards we calculate the actual consumption. We estimate the catering at € 580. The extra staff costs € 140.

The price per person for a top-notch afternoon on the water: € 98

This amount includes VAT. 

Example 5: school trip, 5 days (2 classes)

The wishes

Kirsten is a teacher at a high school in London. At the end of the school year she wants to do a fun school trip in June with two fourth grades (22 and 28 persons). When she was still at school herself, she also went sailing with her class. She loved it and now she wants to share this experience with her students. Sailing during the day and visiting a museum or town. In the evening going out in a cozy harbor or chilling on deck. Doing the groceries, cooking and doing the dishes together is of course also part of it.

The sailing trip and the price

  • We advise the ships Meridiaan and Broedertrouw. Both depart from Enkhuizen, which makes the journey by bus nice and easy. There is plenty of room for everyone, both below and above deck. The teachers have their own cabin. The two skippers have been sailing with school classes for many years and know exactly how to make the active, sociable, educational school trip unforgettable.
  • We have created a toolkit especially for school work weeks, full of tips and inspiration to make the school trip even more unforgettable.
  • A five-day school trip (from Monday to Friday) costs € 3,610 on the Meridiaan (maximum 24 persons) and € 5,250 on the Broedertrouw (maximum 32 persons). For the groceries we estimate € 50 per person.

The price per person for this five-day school trip : € 208

Example 6: week with scouting club (24 persons)

The wishes

Marc is leader of a scouting club in his spare time. Every year during the Easter or Autumn vacations he goes to the Ardennes for a week with a group of youngsters, but now it's time to do something different. He has heard from a friend that sailing on Lake IJssel and the Wadden Sea is also super fun and that everyone can be active. The combination of relaxing on deck, swimming, mudflat walking and playing games sounds very attractive. His group consists of 20 youths and 4 supervisors. Of course they will prepare their own meals in the galley. After all, they had to do the same on the campsites in the Ardennes.

The sailing trip and the price

  • We advise the ship Chateauroux. Skipper Arse has been sailing on Lake IJssel and the Wadden Sea for a long time and has had many youth groups on board. Check out this impression! The ship has enough space on board.
  • We have created a toolkit especially for youth groups, full of tips and inspiration for a successful sailing week.
  • A week (from Monday to Sunday or from Saturday to Friday) costs € 5,895 in high season. In the early or late season the price is € 5.305. 10% advantage: € 590. For the groceries we estimate € 75 per person.

The price per person for a week in the Easter or Autumn vacation: € 295

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