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School trip

Action, relaxation and sailing on a historic sailing ship with an expert, hospitable crew. A fantastic educational school trip, school outing or excursion week, starting at € 150,- p.p.

Sailing adventure on a historic sailing ship

Imagine this: the school trip is about to start. The group is eagerly awaiting. You enter a beautiful, classical sailing ship. The experienced, hospital crew welcomes you on board. From that moment your students are part of the crew.  They can even navigate and call themselves the captain for a while. A great start to an adventurous school outing!

Ideas, inspiration and ideas

How do you organize a school sailing trip? We know there's a lot of work involved in organizing everything. You decide the route and the program, together with the skipper.

The most important sailing areas are the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea. Do you want to anchor an interesting village, watch seals or walk on the of the Wadden Sea? Everything is possible. In the day time, the students are actively sailing. Of course, there is also time to jump into the water, relax on deck etc.  A sailing ship is perfect for a fun, sporty and educational school trip or outing week. 

Exploring amazing areas as true explorers, in a sustainable way.

What do your students learn?

The students learn how to sail, tie knots and navigate. No better way to learn than by doing it! Also, they help to prepare the meals. There are plenty of ways to connect the activities to the school topics. What happens with wind and tides, what swims in the sea, how many knots does the ship sail? But also: howe many potatoes should we peel for 25 people? The crew is very experienced and knowledgeable and can draw attention to what’s important to you. The students must rely on each other and they will grow as a group. 

From the diary of a student

"Hi mom, here’s a message from Stavoren! I’m in my cabin now, together with Iris and two other girls. Super fun! Our skipper is Klaas and his ship mate is Irene. They teach us how everything works on the ship. We must help with the sailing. Tomorrow we get to navigate. I don’t quite get it yet. But it’s cool. All the work is shared. The boys must help cooking the food! It’s so chill here and the weather is super nice. Goodnight, I’m tired already!"

Wat kost dat?

You can book a sailing school trip from €150 per person. Check out the prices and seasonal discounts of our ships. With a sailing school trip, you choose for:

  • Adventure and relaxation
  • Nature and technique
  • Collaboration
  • Days never to forget

We see this water work week as enormously valuable. Besides getting to know each other, having fun and working hard, a real close group is created.

— Da Vinci College Leiden

Hoe regel ik zo’n schoolreis?

Organizing a sailing school trip is easy. Give us the dates, the number of students, the harbor of departure and the ships you like.  You can choose from almost 70 ships! We are happy to send you a quote, without obligation of course. When you travel with many students, we will arrange a fleet of ships to sail together.