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Bachelor party on water

unique and affordable

Atmospheric, nostalgic, but with modern comfort

Traditionally, a bachelor party is part of a wedding. In fact, bachelor parties are getting bigger, longer and more unique. Are you about to  organize a bachelor party? For a day or maybe a weekend? Then you're probably looking for something off the beaten track for the expectant bride or groom. Something that is affordable, that everyone likes, with flexible options. Surprise the bachelor and the group with a sailing trip on a historic ship. A remarkable, sailing group accommodation. Atmospheric, nostalgic, but with modern comfort. You rent the sailing ship with a crew, so no worries: you don't have to be skilled in sailing at all. 

Wie sieht so eine Segeltour aus?

Everbody present? Time to embark and start your bachelor party. First you get to know the ship and the crew. Together with the skipper you discuss where you want to go. This always depends on the weather and the wind. Then: cast off the ropes and start your sailing adventure. Most groups sail on Lake IJssel or the Wadden Sea, but there are also other possibilities. Do you come on board in the evening? Then you'll sail out the next morning. and spend the night in the harbor.

  • Afternoon or evening trip (4 hours)
  • Day trip: (7 to 8 hours)
  • Weekend: Friday 8 p.m. - Sunday 4 p.m.
  • Short weekend: Saturday 11 a.m. - Sunday 4 p.m.

What can you do on board?

First of all of course: hoisting and  setting sails, standing behind the helmet and tying knots. Are you going to the Wadden? Then you can fall dry on a sandbank, walk on the mudflats or visit an amazing island. Along Lake IJssel, there are plenty of nice ports to moor. This means that you can also go to the pub, or anything else you want to do ashore.

On board you can have a drink, play games, finally catch up or ... you'll think of something. Sometimes there is an explicit wish for an activity. Often, that wish is easy to come true and can be combined perfectly. For example: a tasting, workshop or glamour shoot; that's all possible on board. Want to know more?

What about food and drinks?

During the sailing trip, you and your group can cook your meals in the fully equipped kitchen of the ship. A number of ships also have a barbecue and beer tap on board. You can bring all your groceries yourself or have them delivered on board for departure. Don't feel like doing that? You can also have the meals prepared by a ship's cook. Pretty relaxed, right? You can choose from different catering options. We are happy to tell you more about it.

Every sailing ship is different. For each ship, the amount of cabins is described. How many beds are in the cabins? How many showers and toilets does the ship have? You will find all the information you need in the detailed descriptions of the ship.

Can we afford this?

On average we spend € 125 per person on a bachelor party. Going for a bachelor weekend? Then the amount is € 175. Renting a historic sailing ship, also with crew, may sound like it is out of reach. Yet, it doesn't have to be expensive at all, because you have a lot of influence on the price. Key principle: with more people it's cheaper. When you do your own grocery shopping and book in the off season, you can easily have a  fully catered weekend on the water for less than € 125 per person. Request a quote and find out your price. No strings attached, of course. 

All Inclusive sailing weekend

Does it all sound great, but don't you feel like organizing a lot? We are happy to make things easy for you. With an All Inclusive Weekend arrangement, you pay a fixed price per person. You don't have to do anything else but embark and simply enjoy your bachelor party or bachelor weekend!