Sailing with your group

Rent a historical sailing ship with crew

Feel like taking a trip with your family, friends, team or school group? Rent a beautiful classical sailing ship for your group, including a competent, hospitable crew. Leave all your troubles ashore and catch a breath of fresh air together on the Lake IJssel, walk on the seabed of the Wadden Sea or join a sailing event. 


Ideas for trips

You can think of many reasons to go sailing. A small list: celebrate your birthday on board, or an anniversary. Go on a company trip, have a bachelor party or a meeting. Get married on board. Say goodbye. Organize a workshop. Or just go and spend time with your family or (sports) club. So… endless possibilities. We know from those experiences that you lose track of time as soon as you set foot on board. That’s when precious time and attention for each other starts. 

Afffordable: a calculation example

To rent a historical sailing ship with crew might sound out of reach for your budget. However, it doesn't have to be expensive. Check out this calculation example. 

  • You choose a standard ship with 24 beds, from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, high season. 
  • The price of the ship in that period is for example € 2.650,00
  • You travel with 22 people. 
  • You spend € 500,00 on biological groceries.
  • A complete weekend for € 143,00 per person. 

If you find 2 more people, shop more low budget and book off-season, the prices easily drop below € 125,00 per person. This means you have lots of ways to control the budget. 
We guarantee the lowest prices, of course! 


How does it all work?

You rent a ship for a day, weekend, midweek or week. The hospitable crew welcomes you aboard and gives information. Together you decide the route, depending on the weather conditions. A longer trip is easy to combine with visits to a town or the Wadden. Whoever feels like it, canhelp with the sailing and navigating of the ship. 

Food and drinks

You can bring your own groceries or have them delivered to the ship. Cooking together can be a nice group activity. Every ship has a fully equipped galley. Fun! 

If you don’t feel like that, you can also choose catering and have a cook take care of you. 

All-Inclusive Weekend

Does it all sound nice but you don’t feel like organizing it? We love to make it easy for you. If you choose an All-Inclusive Weekend arrangement, you will pay a fixed price per person. All you have to do is step on board and simply enjoy!