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Do we need sailing skills if we rent a ship?

No, that’s not necessary at all. The competent crew tells you all you need to know and enjoys to teach the nautical need-to-knows. Without experience, it is possible to be at the helm and set the sails. Of course there will be enough guidance, because safety is first. 

Can children, elderly or disabled people join?

Yes, that’s no problem. One ship is more suitable than the other, however. Accessibility for wheel chairs is limited and is different per ship. We are happy to advise you.  

Our group doesn't fit on one ship. What can we do?

If your group is too big for one ship, we make a fleet of ships that sail together. For example, this is very convenient for school trips. Of course we can make sure that the ships will all depart from the same harbour. 

Can we return in a different harbour?

De harbor of departure is also the harbor where you return, but sometimes it is possible to change this. Make sure this is arranged properly in advance with us. We gladly discuss the terms with you.  

How do we reach the ship?

You receive information about the harbour and berth at the quay, so you will be able to navigate. All the ships are all well accessible by car or public transport. 

Where do we sail to?

Routes depend on the weather and wind, the length of your trip and the harbor of departure. When you are shipped in, the skipper will make a plan with you.The crew is experienced and knows the most beautiful spots. Please be aware that sometimes your trip will be different than planned because of the weather. Do you really want to visit a certain place? Let the skipper know in time, to make sure he or she can come up with a route. 

Do we have to bring towels and bed linnen?

That depends on the ship. Where it is not included in the price, you can always bring your own. But if you like, it’s always possible to rent. Whatever you choose, make sure to this is clear when you rent the ship. 

Do we have to clean?

At some ships, cleaning is included in the price. If this is not the case, please make sure to leave the ship clean. Don’t feel like doing that? You can buy off this cleaning. In that case, you leave the ship broom clean. 

What about groceries?

All ships have a fully equipped galley, so you can prepare your own meals if you want. You can bring your own groceries of visit the local supermarket. It’s also possible to have them delivered on the ship. Among others, we work together with several grocerie services. Please contact us and for assistance with the order process.

Can we order catering?

Yes, that’s possible. We can organize all the food and drinks, from standard to super luxurious. A chef sails sails along and will take care of every little detail.

On some ships there’s a special cabin for the chef, but sometimes it means a cabin needs to be reserved. Please ask for the possibilities.

Is drinking water available on board?

Yes, the ship has a container with fresh drinking water, of the same quality as the water that runs through your tap at home. 

What kind of clothing do I bring?

Bring your bathing suit when the weather will be sunny and rain clothes when rain is predicted. We advise layers of cloths, because in the evening it can cool down. Make sure to bring shoes with rubber profiled soles. Leather soles are slippery when wet.  

What about insurances?

The skipper has a liability insurance, also towards passengers. If you want, you can choose an additional insurance (travel, cancellation, storm, fog). This insurance is offered by Unigarant. When you rent a ship, we will tell you all about the possibilities. 

Where does the crew sleep? Do they eat with us?

The skipper and crew have their own sleeping area, usually in the deck-house or the below deck accommodation. You will not see them at night, but they will join you for the meals. Please take this in consideration when you shop for your groceries. 

Can I get sea sick?

Sea sickness is inconvenient. Fortunately, it doesn’t occur very often.  The ships are large and therefore stable and there aren’t many waves on the IJssel lake. You get used to the soothing gurgling, as if your matrass is softly shaken before going to sleep. In case you feel uncomfortable: keep eating and drinking and get some fresh air. It helps to look at the horizon; a perfect reason to be at the helm. Also you can buy medication like Primatour, or wristbands or ear patches. 

Are there any dangers to take into consideration?

Safety first! All ships have the necessary hallmarks and the crew is competent and licensed. The skipper will tell you everything you need to know. Listen carefully to the advices and never hesitate to ask a question when you’re in doubt. 

Wat zijn de huurtijden?

Je huurt het schip voor een dag, weekend, verlengd weekend, midweek, week of langer. Maar hoe laat begint je vaartocht eigenlijk en hoe laat ga je weer van boord? 

Dagtocht: 10.00 uur  - 17.00/18.00 uur
Weekend: vrijdag 20.00 uur - zondag 16.00 uur (*)
Kort weekend: zaterdag 11.00 uur - zondag 16.00 uur
Midweek: maandag 10.00 uur - vrijdag 16.00 uur
Schoolweek: maandag 10.00 uur - vrijdag 16.00 uur OF zondag 21.00 uur - vrijdag 09.00 uur
Week: Zaterdag 10.00 uur - vrijdag 16.00 uur OF maandag 10.00 uur - zondag 16.00 uur

(*) Kom je ’s avonds aan boord? Dan zeil je de volgende ochtend uit. Tegen een meerprijs kan er in overleg ook al 's avonds uitgevaren worden. Je overnacht altijd in een haven. 

Deze tijden zijn de gebruikelijke tijden, maar hiervan kan in overleg (en soms tegen een meerprijs) afgeweken worden. Informeer gerust naar de mogelijkheden.