How it works

New here? This is how it works

BoatBoatBoat means boats, boats, and more boats. To make sure you don't get lost, we first explain how it works. At BoatBoatBoat you can do two things:

  1. Rent a historic sailing ship with crew for your own group for a day, weekend or longer. 
  2. Book a sailing holiday in the Netherlands or elsewhere. 

Here's everything you need to know about the first option: renting a ship. 

- How do you rent a ship? 
- How do you know which one to choose?  
- What about drinks and food? 
- What's the price? 

Easily rent a historical sailing ship

We have a fleet of more than 70 historic sailing ships. You can rent them as sailing group accommodation with crew: a captain, a sailor and if you want, a ship's cook. You don't have to be able to sail. The crew will tell you everything you need to know. Most ships sail on Lake IJssel and the Wadden Sea. In that area you will also find the departure harbors. 

Renting is easy:

  • Choose a date and a ship.
  • Call us (+31 85 006 2820) or ask for a quote.
  • Take an option or book right away.

How do you know which ship to choose?

If you look at the pictures on the ships page, you probably find that the historical sailing ships are quite similar. All of them are beautiful. So what's the difference, and how do you know which one to choose? 

The most important differences:

  • The number of people that fits on board.
  • There is sleeping accommodation or not.
  • More or less cabins and sanitary facilities.
  • The departure ports.
  • The price.

The best match

You can pick your own ship if you want. They all have a clear description. For the best match: call or mail us. Fortunately, everybody does that. We know all ships and their skippers personally. If we know what you are planning, or how your group is composed, we can easily help you in the best direction. A group of bachelors or a family weekend, it's something quite different.

What about food and drinks?

There's two possibilities for eating and drinking on board:

  1. Are you into cooking? You can bring your own groceries and cook on board. The ships all have a fully equipped galley with everything you need. It is usually even possible to have the groceries delivered on board. 

  2. Do you want to be taken care of? Catering is your option. In that case, a real ship's cook will sail with you to take care of all your groceries and meals. 

How much does it cost to rent a sailing ship?

All the ships are for rent for a fixed price. Therefore, you always rent for the lowest price. The amount is listed with each ship. In addition, you have a lot of influence on the final amount of your sailing trip. 

  • Sailing in the early or late season is cheaper.
  • The more people on board, the cheaper it is.
  • You decide how much you spend on food and drinks.

Of course you want to know: what does it cost? Please check out the calculation examples we made for you. 

Want to know more?

Feel free to call or email us with your questions. You might also find this interesting:

Please check out the ships and make your choice. See you on board! 



Heb je al rondgeneusd? Mail of bel ons, of vraag een offerte aan. We zetten dan alles voor je op een rij.