History of our ships

History of our ships

Our beautiful historical one-, two- and three-masted sailing ships share the same remarkable history. Built around 1900, they transformed in the course of the century from strong cargo freighters to comfortable charter ships. A big difference form their original purpose. First, they sailed with precious cargo from harbor to harbor, now they are comfortable passenger ships that can be rented for amazing sailing trips under the supervision of an experienced crew. During the renovations, the rich history of the ships is taken into consideration. Original features are preserved carefully. 


Cultural Heritage

The ships have historical, scientific, industrial-archeological or other social-cultural value. This makes them floating cultural heritage, that needs to be preserved. This was recorded in the law in 2015. There is a register with floating cultural heritage in the Netherlands, in which you can find sailing monuments. 

Flat bottom ships

Our fleet consists mainly of so called ‘flat bottom’ ships. These flat bottom ships have (almost) flat bottoms and have lee-boards instead of a tail construction. They have limited draught and are therefore very suitable for the Wadden area and shallow waters. This is why they can fall dry on a sand bank without problems and makes it possible to hike on the mudflat.