An unforgettable team event

Team event on a cool big ship

20-07-2020 / Last year, a team event didn't happen. 'We're really going to do it now.' After the easing of the Corona measures, the international team of Studio Modijefsky was the first to step onboard the Meridian, which was eagerly waiting to sail again. It was a day trip to remember. Afterwards, we phoned Christel, one of the organizers of the team outing. 'We were told: when you are in the harbor, look for the biggest ship. It was indeed impossible to miss. Super cool.' 

Something really Dutch
'We thought it would be fun to do something on a ship. Our number one wish was to go sailing together. It's a completely different day than a day on a motorboat.'

The team consists of eight people from all over the world. A number of colleagues are Dutch. The others come from Greece, Italy and Poland. 'So we wanted to show something really Dutch, on a boat from the past, with a history. That is how we ended up at BoatBoatBoat. We did not expect to end up on such a large ship. We were amazed when we arrived at the ship. Super cool.'

BBQ, cocktails and music
'We went on board in Harderwijk at 11.30 am. We had brought lots of food and drinks with us. Everyone was assigned a task to make lunch, dinner and a drink. That went really well, you have all the modern things you need on board, like an oven. In the evening, we had a barbecue with music and cocktails. We had the drinks within reach in a huge barrel with ice cubes. We stayed on board until 9 p.m.'.  


A boat with a story

'None of us had any sailing experience, but that didn't matter. First, the crew explained and we all practiced tying knots. The crew sailed the ship, with our help. It is so impressive what is involved. How you manage to move that enormous ship forward together. When you come on board, you immediately have the feeling that you are on a boat with a story. Skipper Ruud told us about the history of the Meridiaan. It's really impressive that the ship has been in use for so long and that it sails in the same way as 100 years ago. Impressive.

Bring your bathing suits, because there is a surprise, we were told in advance. We moored at an island where we could have a nice swim. Ruud had brought some canoes especially for us, so we could canoe on the lake. There was even a ladder so we could get off easily.'

Team spirit

'The atmosphere on board with the crew was great. Ruud is so dedicated. We enjoyed hearing how passionate he is about making the ship accessible to as many people as possible. He is very active in his work for the Heroes4Life Foundation. Frederik,  owner Esther's boyfriend, spontaneously decided to sponsor the foundation. 

The team had a great day. In the evening the photos and messages flew back and forth. Especially the fact that we were together all day felt great. We were really together as a group, with a feeling of harmony. We have worked very hard in the last few months and had a hard time. It was wonderful for everyone to be able to relax together. You really are on the boat, in the moment. Just to be able to let go of everything. The day passed by very quickly.'

"You are actually on the boat, in the moment. Just being able to let go of everything. " 

Would you like to go on a team event with your company? Reward your employees with a day out, just to be together again? Look around among the beautiful historical ships and contact us.