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BoatBoatBoat is a proud sponsor of Heroes4Life

You're 8 years old and have leukemia. Or you are 14 years old and suffer from cystic fibrosis. All your friends do fun things on the weekends and have adventurous holidays in the summer. You can't do this. For you, facilities are needed. There aren't any or it's expensive. Too expensive. 

Every day, many chronically ill or terminally ill children face pain, worries and limitations. For these heroes - and their families - the Heroes4Life Foundation was established. Its goal: to organize fantastic holidays and events, for beautiful moments of carefreeness, fun and distraction. Just to be no different from others. Just have all the possibilities, because there are suitable facilities. Let people around you who understand what is needed and offer it. 

Help for heroes
The enthusiastic board and many capable volunteers do their utmost to realize great holidays and activities. Completely adapted to what the children can do. Equestrian camps, diving days and sailing trips, you name it. Sometimes also for whole families or for brothers and sisters. The sailing holidays take place on the beautiful historic sailing ships Meridiaan and Vrijheid.

BoatBoatBoat Sponsorship
All activities of Heroes4Life are completely free. This is only possible thanks to the support of sponsors. We are more than happy to be a sponsor of this heartwarming foundation. Want to know more about Heroes4Life?