Family & friends

The perfect group accommodation

Does your family, group of friends or club also have the good tradition to get away together every year, for a day, weekend or even longer? Planning a weekend away with family or friends always begins with the same questions: who is coming along, what's the budget and - the most important one - where are we going? The accommodation has a big influence on the ambiance. Undoubtedly, you also have lots of thoughts about the required facilities your group will be needing. 

Chances are that all your wishes for your weekend away with family or friends can come true on one of our beautiful historical sailing ships. Unique, sustainable, sailing group accommodations you rent including a professional, hospitable crew. Comfortable, affordable and atmospheric. Leave all the stress ashore and blow out on the IJsselmeer or the Wadden Sea. Accommodation: check! 


Sailing with family or friends

You can choose from almost 70 amazing ships for your weekend away with friends or family. Basic or luxurious, small or big; there's always this particular ship that you fall in love with. You can embark in several towns, like Amsterdam, Enkhuizen, Harlingen, Makkum, Monnickendam or Muiden. Do you want to get on or off the ship somewhere else? Please let us know and we will find out the possibilities for you. All sailing group accommodations have a spacious deck, where you can enjoy the sailing in the open air. Inside, there's a salon with plenty of seats, a fully equipped kitchen and sanitation.

Take a look at the sailing ships, and you will automatically see what makes this type of group accommodation so unique. We know all the ships and their skippers personally and can therefore advise you perfectly. 


Your weekend away with family or friends

Sailing is for everybody. You don't need any experience at all. Along the way, the crew will teach you how to hoist the sails, navigate, tack and tie knots. When sailing, you will notice that time loses its importance. You will experience the soothing effect of the waves and the feeling of freedom that sailing brings. Don't want to be active? You can also just read a book, catch up with your family or friends, play games or simply day dream, watching the horizon, listening to the rippling water. 

Are you ashore in one of the charming harbour towns of the IJsselmeer?  Enjoy drinks on a terrace, go shopping or dive into the nightlife. On the Wadden, it's possible to go mudflat hiking, walk along the beach or explore an island by bike. To name just a few options. It's your family weekend or weekend away with friends. It's your sailing experience.

Tell me more about a sailing trip

After you embark, you will meet the skipper and the crew. Together with the skipper, you decide what you will be doing during your trip. Your destinations and activities depend on your wishes, the weather and the wind. Your time on the IJsselmeer or the Wadden Sea has started. On your way to the horizon, together. 

Please read the frequently asked questions, to be prepared perfectly for your weekend away with family or friends. 


Food and drinks on a sailing ship

During the sailing trip, your family or friends can cook everything themselves in the completely equipped kitchen of the ship. You can bring your own groceries or have them delivered on your group accommodation before it departs. Maybe a nice alternative: have your meals prepared by a ship's cook. A very relaxed choice, when there are no kitchen princes or princesses in your group. You can choose from several catering options. We are happy to tell you all about them. 

How do I make this happen?

You fell in love with the idea of a sailing group accommodation. The next step: find the perfect ship for you family weekend. You can make your own choice or have us advise you. We know all skippers and ships personally. Call or email us for more informatie or request a quote. If you want, it's always possible to place an option on your ship, to make sure it's available for you. No worries, you can do this without any strings attached. If you decide to rent a ship, we will send you the necessary forms to fill out. 


All Inclusive weekend sailing

Does it all sound great, and do you want it all to be as easy as possible? Your obvious choice will be an All Inclusive Weekend Arrangement then. You pay a fixed price per person and don't have to do anything, other than embark on your sailing group accommodation and simply enjoy your weekend away with family or friends! 


Sustainable travel

More and more people think it's important to take the climate and nature into consideration, also when travelling. A sailing group accommodation is a great, green way to travel in a sustainable way. Nature itself is the most important assistant on your journey. The wind works for free and blows you with all its force to your destination on the IJsselmeer or the Wadden Sea. CO2 emissions are small, because the motor of the ship doesn't have to be switched on much. Luckily, you don't have to fly to distant places for remarkable nature. 

Make your next weekend away with family or friends green and look forward to a spectacular sunset on the IJsselmeer. Or go the Wadden Sea, where you can fall dry, go mudflat hiking or spot seals. The Wadden Islands are like jewels in the sea, waiting for your visit.