Business & Pleasure

Together with your team on a classical one,- two- or three masted clipper, working on goals or lifting the teamspirit. Does that actually work? Leaving noise and stress ashore. Back to basic. Cellphones off. Depending on each other, more close by than usual. Relationships grow. Ideas flow. Yes, it works!


“The best energizer after lunch: setting the sails.” 

Carefree booking with Corona guarantee

No hidden conditions or other setbacks.
Can a booked trip not proceed because of Corona measures? Then you can simply cancel or move to another date free of charge.

FAQ - Corona

Meeting & Sailing

Finally have a meeting without interruptions. Away from ringing phones and office noise, the ideas can flow freely. Before the trip, we talk over the program. 

Do you want to start at rest and set the sails after that? Or do you want to sail first and get down to business later? Would you like to visit an interesting city? You control the program of the day(s) and tell us what facilities you need, like a beamer, flipover, etc. 

Company trip & Sailing

A great reward after a period of hard work. Your employees can be lazy, catch up, help sail the ship or simply enjoy the wind. Tell us what you want for your group. A funny theme? An exciting game? A regatta? We follow your wishes. 

Teambuilding & Sailing

From the moment you set foot on board, your team is part of the crew. Setting the course, navigating, setting the sails: all hands on deck! Many situations to facilitate the growth of the team in an amazing way. Beforehand, we discuss the purpose of the teambuilding with you. 

How do I organise this?

Organising a sailing trip is easy. Tell us when you want to go on board and for how long. Will you spend the night? Do you want catering or take care of food and drinks yourself? Do you want to sail or use the ship in rest? Furthermore: the number of people, necessary facilities, harbour of departure and may be the ships of your preference. You can choose from almost 70 amazing historical sailing ships. We know all the boats and their skippers in person and can therefore make the perfect match. 

Tell me about pricing

We have large ships or smaller ones, from basic to luxurious, you can sail for a day or stay longer, and there’s also the matter of preseason and late season discounts. That’s why the prices vary. Take a look at our ships page to find out the exact price of the ship of your liking that meets the purpose of your trip. Request a quote or call us for advice. We are always happy to help. 

A manager's story

“As soon as we got on board, we seemed far away from the normal world and the hectic company buzz. The feeling of adventure and freedom on the water contributed enormously to our creativity and team spirit. 

We worked without interruptions and there was no other option than to be involved. No escapes. At the end of the day, our new year plan was realized. Because of the active sailing activities in between, we got to know each other in a different way. The setting of the sails was the ultimate energizer after lunch.“ 

Why a classical sailing ship?

Why is it a great idea to have your meeting on an amazing historical sailing ship?

  • Inspiring surroundings
  • All necessary facilities
  • No interruptions
  • Action and adventure