Party on a ship

Unforgettable party on water

Do you have an anniversary, special birthday or other milestone coming up? Are you organizing a bachelor party? Or are you just in the mood for a good party? The choice of your party location is very important, because it has a lot of influence on the atmosphere of your party. You want something special, something different, something... maybe you can't put your finger on it yet. You'll know it when you see it. 

Your party location, your ambience

Have you considered a historic sailing ship yet? Your party, in the atmosphere of days gone by, with all the possibilities to create something really incredible?  You rent a sailing ship complete with crew, for your party guests exclusively. A party location to dream of. 

Carefree booking with Corona guarantee

No hidden conditions or other setbacks.
Can a booked trip not proceed because of Corona measures? Then you can simply cancel or move to another date free of charge.

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A ship as party location

Can you picture it yet? Your guests are boarding, one by one. The hospitable crew welcomes you. You've discussed everything on beforehand, and everyone knows what to do. You can let go and enjoy your special party. Assisted by your party guests, the crew sails the ship into the water. Did you know that you can also get married on board?