Sailing in Corona time: frequently asked questions

If only we could predict how the measures will develop in this Corona time. What is allowed, and by when? We understand that you would like to travel. You are also more than welcome! Do you want to travel with your family? Then you have a big advantage, because family members are just allowed to get close to each other. 

To prepare your trip well, you will find all the answers to your questions here. 
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What happens if we can't sail because of a Corona measure?

We follow the RIVM guidelines here. If your trip cannot proceed because of a Corona measure, you can always reschedule or cancel the trip free of charge.  

We want to sail alone with our family. Can we rent the ship entirely?

Yes, you can. The advantage of a family is that they can go on holiday together, without keeping their distance. After all, you're always close by. 

Do we have to keep 1.5 m distance?

This depends on the Corona measures in force at the time. At this moment for the multi-day tours with individual bookers the group size is limited to 30 persons, only when the group consists of individuals or/and (multiple) groups of up to four persons. Group members must always keep a distance of one and a half meters between themselves (also above deck).

The skipper expects you to follow the set rules and will do all he can himself. At embarkation you will receive all the information you need. 

Can we have catering?

Well, normally we say yes. However, catering means a cook on board, and therefore an extra person. It depends entirely on the Corona measures in force at the time if that is possible. In any case, it is always possible to bring your own groceries or have them delivered on board. 

The Captain and mate are traveling with us. What does that mean for us?

This depends on the Corona measures in force at the time.Also with respect to the crew you keep a distance of one and a half meters, except above deck while sailing. 

Do I have to wear a face mask on board?

This depends on the Corona measures in force at the time. In some places it is strongly advised to wear a face mask. This applies to indoor spaces that are accessible to the public, such as: stores, museums, town halls, railway stations, airports, zoos, amusement parks, parking lots, gas stations etcetera

The advice does not apply to enclosed buildings. These are buildings that are not freely accessible to the public. Think for example of schools, churches and association buildings. Organizations or companies are allowed to decide for themselves whether they urgently advise or even require a face mask.

At the moment it is not required to wear face masks on board. Of course, you are free to wear a face mask at any time and in any situation in which you need or like to wear one. Please bring your own face masks, as these are not available on board.

Are additional hygiene measures necessary?

The ships follow the guidelines of the RIVM. These are also closely followed by the interest group for charter shipping: the BBZ. Before sailing you will receive extra information if applicable.

Wat gebeurt er met mijn reservering bij Corona binnen de groep?

Heb jij of iemand binnen je gezelschap last van de symptomen die vaak voorkomen bij Corona zoals verkoudheidsklachten (zoals neusverkoudheid, loopneus, niezen, keelpijn); hoesten; benauwdheid; verhoging of koorts; plotseling verlies van reuk en/of smaak (zonder neusverstopping)? Blijf thuis en laat je testen. Neem contact met ons op voor overleg over je reservering. 

What if someone gets sick on the way?

You certainly hope not, but it can happen that somebody gets sick. Maybe even Corona. In that case we follow the guidelines of the RIVM and consult with a doctor. There are plenty of options to quarantine your family member. We'll check on the spot and discuss what wisdom is. 

What if the ship goes bankrupt?

This has not happened yet and would be very unfortunate. Fortunately, all our ships are affiliated to an emergency fund, which pays out in the event of bankruptcy, for example. That way, as a customer, you are always sure of compensation. Of course, you can also make the trip on another ship. That's the best solution for everyone.