Family trip to sailing paradise

Special family holiday

Many families had big plans for a spectacular trip abroad. With a campervan through Canada. Rafting in Norway. Backpacking in Asia. Away from the masses, away from the beaten track. Because of the Corona measures, none of this will happen. We understand your disappointment. 

Spectacular family trip
Fortunately, families are a nice exception to the Corona measures. Because you live together, you can just go on holiday together. That is why we now rent out our beautiful ships especially for adventurous family trips. The whole ship is exclusive for your family or your group of several families. You get a private captain and a mate. 


'One of those trips you make an album of.'

Special trip with family along secret places

Even without museums, restaurants and cafes, there is much to discover and experience on the IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea. Moor in the charming harbour towns, explore the special natural beauty of the Wadden Sea or go on an adventurous mudflat hiking tour. Just a few examples. What does a campfire on an island sound like, with a delicious barbecue for dessert?

Sailing with children

The crew of your ship is eager to show you all the secret places and provide you with the voyage of a lifetime. Such a journey you dream of. A voyage you'll make an album of. A journey you and your children will never forget. Skipper Zeger tells you everything about sailing with children. Read the interview and find the answer to the three questions parents always ask.


Your own sailing holiday home

Anyone who has never set foot on a historic sailing ship doesn't know what he's going through. It breathes the atmosphere of days gone by. You wouldn't be surprised by a pirate or a gourmet ship's cook showing up with hot bread, freshly caught fish and a glas frothy beer. You actually have to experience it to understand it. You have to feel it. You have to experience it. 

Family trip: historic and modern

The ships are historic. Yet they are fully equipped. Clean, modern sanitary facilities. Comfortable cabins with cosy portholes. Beautiful galleys where you can enjoy cooking. The ships have been carefully restored and fortunately have retained their nostalgic appearance. Step aboard and enjoy the shiny wood, the shiny copper and of course the gigantic sails. 


What does it cost to sail with 1 or more families?

Each ship has a maximum number of passengers that may be taken on board. The price of the ship is calculated on this maximum. You now travel with smaller groups. We take this into consideration as much as possible. What the exact travel sum will be depends on many factors. We like clarity, so that sometimes drives us crazy :) What does it all depend on?  

  • the number of families on board
  • the duration of the trip (day, weekend, midweek, week?) 
  • the degree of luxury on the ship 

So contact us if you want to know the exact Corona price for your group. We will be happy to list it for you and do our best to find a trip that fits your budget. 

The starting point is: the more people, the lower the price per person. 

'Sailing is freedom. The ultimate way to discover secret places together' 

Can we book a family trip yet?

Yes you can! We can imagine that you still have some questions about your booking. We have listed the frequently asked questions about sailing in this Corona time for you. 

Cancellation guarantee

We follow the RIVM guidelines here. If your trip cannot proceed because of a Corona measure, you can reschedule or cancel the trip free of charge.