Lauwersoog, Zoutkamp

Nova Cura

Experience the Wadden landscape
The Nova Cura makes trips across the Eastern Wadden Sea from Zoutkamp. The emphasis is on experiencing the Unesco World Heritage Site the Wadden Sea and National Park Lauwersmeer.  This part of the Wadden Sea is less deep, and therefore you can fall dry in many places. It is an experience to see the tides come and go, to spend a night on the mudflats and experience the silence. You are briefly immersed in the wilderness. An experience never to be forgotten.

Visiting islands
The Nova Cura certainly also visits ports; of Schiermonnikoog, Ameland or Lauwersoog.  It is lovely to walk and cycle here and visit the atmospheric villages. We also drop dry off the eastern tip of Ameland or at Engelsmanplaat. At low tide, you can then walk across this pristine area. We can also arrange boat trips inland, by engine. From Zoutkamp, Groningen and Leeuwarden are just a day's sail away. 

You immediately feel at home
The Nova Cura is a sailing holiday home with a personal atmosphere and attention to detail. You have plenty of space for yourself and each other. There are books and games on board, hammocks and fatboys on deck, everything you need to get away from it all. 

Wadden Sea sailing and good food
Naturally, we will sail the ship as a team.  You will receive sailing instruction and learn about sailing on the mud flats. Judith and Paul know this part of the mud flats well and can tell you a lot about it. The sailing trips on the Eastern mud flats last between 3 and 6 hours. Judith is also a cook, and can provide catering if required. The ship has no BBQ, no beer tap and is not suitable as a party boat. However, Paul and Judith do enjoy sailing with nature lovers.


Skipper: Paul Wijk

Meet Paul and Judith


“At 18, I started working as a shipmate on a three masted ship, without any experience. Three years later I became a skipper. It was an amazing periode, filled with wonderful adventures. This came to an end when I became a father and wanted so spend more time at home. Many years followed, sailing the inland waterways as a capitain and sailing large ships across the European waters. 

Buying the Nova Cura is returning to my old love. For me it’s amazing to share my knowledge and passion for sailing with everyone that sets foot on board. And I’m always interested in your stories too!”


"My parents fell in love during a trip on a Tjalk, I celebrated my graduation on a clipper and now I am a skipper's wife. In our company, I am the shipowner, sailor and cook. We live permanently on the Nova Cura and take great care of our little ship. We have an eye for safety and comfort and value personal contact with our guests. Outside the sailing season, our ship is in the heart of Groningen and I am at work as a speaker coach."


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Departure ports

Lauwersoog, Zoutkamp (other departure and arrival ports on request)

Sailing areas

IJsselmeer, Waddenzee, Friese meren


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