Nova Cura

A sailing holiday home, with a personal ambiance and eye for detail. That’s the one masted clipper Nova Cura. Beautiful sailing heritage, with lots of space for you and each other. Moor at the most beautiful harbours of the wadden region, make a tour along wadden sea and visit the islands Ameland or Schiermonnikoog.


Set sail to…

You decide the destination, of course with a little help of weather and wind. In the mean time, your group gets sailing instructions and together you will have the ship sail like a charm.


Turbulent history

 Clipper Nova Cura has a turbulent history. In 1905, she is registered as Johanna Hendrika. It’s a fast ship, mainly used to transport bricks. In 1944, during the second world war, the ship accidently gets hit by an English grenade and sinks. After the war the ship is lifted and switched owners a few times.

In 2012 the last thorough reconstruction was completed. The Nova Cura is restored to her former glory and is used for sailing trips with groups and sleeping accommodation. 


Skipper: Paul Wijk

Meet Paul and Judith


“At 18, I started working as a shipmate on a three masted ship, without any experience. Three years later I became a skipper. It was an amazing periode, filled with wonderful adventures. This came to an end when I became a father and wanted so spend more time at home. Many years followed, sailing the inland waterways as a capitain and sailing large ships across the European waters.


Buying the Nova Cura is returning to my old love. For me it’s amazing to share my knowledge and passion for sailing with everyone that sets foot on board. And I’m always interested in your stories too!”


"Every Summer, I become the skippers wife. I help, cook, listen and organize whatever needs to be organized. My parents fell in love during a trip on a tjalk, I celebrated passing my exams on a clipper, and now I am sailing – at least during the Summer months. For the rest of the year, I live in Utrecht and work as a chairperson  at conferences. A wonderful change!" 


Number of persons day trips
Number of persons multi-day
2-person cabins
3-person cabins
Sinks in cabins
Central Heating
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Departure ports

Lauwersoog (other departure and arrival ports on request)

Sailing areas

IJsselmeer, Waddenzee, Friese meren


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