In 1908, the clipper Ambiance left the shipyard, then still under the name Novalis. It is hard to imagine that this beautiful ship carried cargo for almost 90 years. Until 1997, when it was decided to restore the Novalis to its former glory. After a thorough conversion into a sailing passenger ship, the ship has been sailing the Dutch waters as a robust three-master since 1999 under the name Ambiance. Young and old, everyone experiences the peace and freedom on the water aboard this sturdy sailing ship. 

Experience sailing

Proud skipper and owner Sven likes to tell you about his ship, the sailing and everything there is to see and do on the IJsselmeer and in the unique Wadden area. An eventful journey is very important to Sven. And you will notice this when you are a guest on board of this experienced skipper. 

Cosy together

The Ambiance offers room for 34 people during multi-day trips. During day trips, it can even accommodate 50 people. During the day, you may help with the sailing, but nothing is mandatory. Would you rather relax, sheltered in the spacious seating area? Please do so. In the evening, in the cosy day room, you can look back on a wonderful day of sailing in the open air. A drink and a bite to eat. The good life on the water. 


Skipper: Sven Timmann

Skipper and host Sven Timmann
Born in Hamburg along the Elbe, it was not long before Sven discovered his love of sailing as a teenager. First, he explored the lakes and rivers of northern Germany and even Denmark in small boats. Then he sailed on increasingly larger sailing yachts and traditional sailing ships, first as a sailor and later as a skipper.

This also got Sven interested in the extinct rigging craft and he worked all over Europe on various tall ships like the Gorch Fock, Sea Cloud I & Sea Cloud II and the Dagmar Aan. "By working with Dutch sailors on these tall ships, I also learned more about the Dutch charter fleet. After a period of sailing and attending the nautical college in Enkhuizen, I spent my first season as skipper on the three-masted Ambiance on the IJsselmeer. In the winter of 2007/2008, my dream came true and I became the owner of this sturdy ship!" 

Sven's motto is: Togetherness makes you strong - experience sailing!
"Just like before, when I travel aboard the Ambiance I focus on the experience and on being together. My experience as a youth leader and former student in education also helps me with this. The ship as a platform for an educational journey full of experiences - that is my goal when the Ambiance sails out."

If you are looking for a sustainable holiday with lots of variety, then you are in good hands with Sven on board the Ambiance!


Number of persons day trips
Number of persons multi-day
2-person cabins
4-person cabins
Sinks in cabins
Central Heating
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Departure ports

Stavoren (other departure and arrival ports on request)

Sailing areas

IJsselmeer, Waddenzee


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