Sailing is already a sustainable way to travel. The clipper Bracksand goes the extra mile. The ship was completely refurbished and redecorated in 2019 with a fresh, green breeze. As such, this beloved ship meets the latest requirements in terms of safety and sustainability. In terms of materials, technology, but also operations, it is one of the most sustainable charter ships in the Netherlands. They understand that this is important at a time when climate change is a key issue.

Privacy and flexible options
What a fine layout. On the Bracksand, you will find four luxury 2-bed cabins with private shower/toilet and four 2-bed cabins with shared shower/toilet. The luxury cabins can be flexibly converted into 4-person cabins, bringing the total number of beds to 24. On day trips, 54 guests can board. Besides a large spacious cockpit on deck, the ship has a very spacious dayroom that includes a bar, a tap and a professionally equipped kitchen. And the accessories? Chances are they are recycled treasures or island finds.

Experience the magic of sailing
On board, you can actively participate in sailing. Even if you have no sailing experience. The enthusiastic crew will be happy to teach you the tricks of the trade. Prefer to enjoy the beautiful nature in peace and quiet? Go ahead! Experience the magic of sailing on board this beautiful ship.


Skipper: Martijn Kuipers

Proud owner and skipper of the Bracksand is Martijn Kuijpers. After 15 years in salaried employment, he changed tack in 2012. "Because of my love for everything around recreation and water sports, I took the step that year to make my dream come true. I found out that I became happy by focusing on quality of life, giving people an enjoyable time and unique experiences, craftsmanship and, of course, sailing.

Thoroughly rebuilt

We bought the ship in 2016 and completely rebuilt it due to a lot of overdue maintenance. We put a lot of time, money and energy into this. The underwater hull was completely replaced, the steelwork was addressed, the ship was extensively insulated using sustainable materials and ventilation was installed using heat recovery. We chose to work to current standards and comfort as much as possible during the complete conversion and restoration."

Man with a mission

"Our mission is to make the Bracksand an example in sailing charter shipping in terms of sustainability. For example, when rebuilding the Bracksand, we think in green solutions as much as possible, CO2-friendly materials are used and we take energy- and water-saving measures."

Martijn warmly welcomes you to his ship!


Number of persons day trips
Number of persons multi-day
2-person cabins
4-person cabins
Sinks in cabins
Central Heating
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Departure ports

Amsterdam (other departure and arrival ports on request)

Sailing areas

Waddenzee, IJsselmeer, Markermeer


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